Live Events & Commissions

Looking for a painter for your special event or party? Check out the options below.


Live Event Painting

Interested in capturing your special day through impressionistic brushstrokes and vivid hues that depict the ambiance of your event? If so, a live painting might be right for you! Live painting creates a memorable experience for guests to watch and enjoy while arriving to your event or taking a break from the dance floor at a wedding reception. Not to mention, your original painting will serve as a unique memento to display in your home and pass on to future generations.

Starting at $500 for Milwaukee events...

reserve your date now!

$75 deposit required to hold date. Deposit is non-refundable.


Group Art Classes

Ladies Night Out - Kid's Birthdays - Bachelorette Parties - Corporate Events - Holiday Parties - Baby & Bridal Showers

Looking for a creative fun way to bond with friends, family, or co-workers? With group painting classes, we come to you! No painting experience needed-- even if you claim you are someone who can "hardly draw stick people" we break things down into simple steps that anyone can do--while having fun! All supplies and cleanup is provided. 6 participant minimum.

90 min classes for children - $20/participant

2 hr classes for adults - $25/participant 

25% deposit required to hold date. Deposit is non-refundable.


Commission Art

Engagement Portrait - Wedding - Memorial - Pet Portraits - House Portraits - Murals - Etc.

Has your wedding already passed but you would still like an original painting to highlight your favorite moment? We would be happy to paint from a photo of your wedding! Custom acrylic and watercolor portraits of significant others, pets, bridal bouquets, and even a first home are also available! Please allow 2-3 weeks (depending on size and detail).

Price estimates are below. Request your commission here.